Turrino Wheels (formerly known as Specialised Automobile Services) is widely recognised as the leading manufacturer of wire wheels in the U.K. with over thirty years of specialisation, and over 80% market share, earned due to our single minded determination to provide our customers with the highest quality wheels.

Your wheels are the finishing touch – we believe that safety is paramount and that quality must not be compromised



With a wide range of steel rims already in production we are sure we can find the specific wire wheel to suit your needs and if not we’ll make bespoke to your specification.

  • Rolled edge
  • Beaded edge
  • Straight sided/Lock ring
  • Well based
  • Knife edge/straight edge

All sizes can be supplied to suit your specification in most cases from stock.

Meticulously hand built in our own workshops, our wire wheels are made using only the highest quality materials and our range is unrivalled. We produce new rims and wheel centres for vehicles from Victorian times to the present day and in some cases complete wheels to obscure designs which have not been built for decades. We are very happy to consider orders for wheels that are no longer in production. If you do not see what you need, ask us – we can make it!

Hand built to order for any car Turrino’s Alloy Wire Wheels stand apart from any other wire wheel on the market through quality craftsmanship, perfect finishes and unique custom options. Light weight construction and build techniques improve performance, road handling and steering efficiency enhancing not only the look of your vehicle but also the driving experience. Take a look in our gallery to get an idea of the designs and styles that are possible.

The performance benefits of our Alloy wheels are that they are  typically 3-5KG lighter than steel equivalents

They are safe and strong, using the highest grade aluminium available to reduce unsprung weight without compromising safety. Not surprising then that Turrino wire wheels are the first choice for high performance motoring and classic motor racing.

We can undertake restoration work and reproduce or design & manufacture all types of car hubs in our comprehensive machine shop.

Please check out our website for more details and please do not hesitate to contact us we would love to hear from you.