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UK online Classic, Veteran and Vintage Cars Directory with comprehensive regional & alphabetical listings.  Search over 2000 companies, shops, associations, clubs, dealers etc.  in the UK. They’re advertising a multitude of products and services on our classic, veteran and vintage car website.  The classic and vintage car directory will put you in touch with restorers, blasting, paintwork, repair, glaziers, restoration, trimmers. In addition you will find classic car companies that can supply parts, spares, tyres, insurance, gearboxes, brakes, exhausts etc.

The directory also provides marquees including MG dealers, Jaguar dealers, American dealers, Rolls Royce and Bentley dealers, Morris Minors, etc.  Search – or indeed advertise throughout the UK.

If you provide sales or services to the classic car industry, please do add a free entry to the directory. Alternatively, call 01582 488385 to chat about our various enhanced display advertisements and direct links to your site.

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Be part of a growing number of people searching and linking their products and restoration services through this website.  Updated regularly, the Classic, Veteran & Vintage Cars Directory is extremely user friendly and easy to navigate.  Search by county, classification or simply search by the free text facility using the classic restoration car directory!

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