We at Servicentre are designers and manufacturers of custom exhaust systems for classic cars. We design to our client’s individual requirements so that the instruments would fit their vehicles perfectly. We have the facilities to create exhausts for a variety of classic cars, however we do specialise in Rolls Royce and Bentley vehicles. By choosing to have your exhaust built by us, we guarantee that the item you drive away with will look, sound and fit the car exactly as everything will be discussed with you in full with one of our specialist team before your exhaust is even made – making it exclusive and unique to your car!

With more than 45 years experience under our belts, we have gained a wealth of knowledge in hand building all types of pattern Rolls Royce and Bentley exhaust systems. We have previously deigned everything from the “Ghost” to the “Turbo”. All exhausts built here are done to the highest quality standards and done with all the correct internal pipework and finished with polished aluminium heatshields where required. We guarantee that the product will surpass 12 months of use, in fact the saying that quite alot of customers from offer exhaust manufacturers say – “we’ve had it 12 months and one day, and now my exhaust is falling off” is unheard of here!

For our exhausts, we use only high quality 14 or 16 gauge mild stainless steel tubing and sheet, which allows us to have the confidence to offer you a three year guarantee on all mild steel exhaust systems. And for those who wish to never replace their exhaust again, we have a stainless steel system that we can fit for you which will outlast the lifetime of your car – guaranteed!


  • Ghost (single downpipe)
  • Ghost (twin downpipe)
  • Phantom I (early and late)
  • 20 HP
  • 20/25 H P (Early)
  • 20/25 H.P (late) GKT 22 onwards
  • 25/30 H.P
  • Phantom II
  • Phantom III
  • Derby
  • Pre War Wraith
  • Single Silver Dawn – Chassis number required
  • MKVI Single – Chassis number required
  • MKVI Big Bore twin system
  • R Type, Silver Dawn twin system
  • R Type Continental
  • Silver Wraith – Chassis number required
  • Silver Wraith – ELW 47 onwards
  • Phantom V
  • Phantom VI
  • Silver Cloud I, SI
  • Silver Cloud II, SII
  • Silver Cloud III, SIII
  • Corniche I (uprated engine)
  • Shadow I, 1966 to 77, MPW Corniche, 1966 to 72
  • Shadow II, Wraith II, TII Chassis 30001-37186
  • Shadow II, TII, Chassis 37187 onwards
  • Silver Spirit, Spur, Corniche to 87
  • Corniche, Carmague, 1975-1987
  • Turbo R 86 onwards
  • Mulsanne, Turbo 82-85, Turbo R 85/6
  • Spirit 80-86, Corniche Conv 81-85, Mulsanne 80-87, Eight 84-87, Continental 85-90
  • Corniche II, Spirit, Spur, Continental, Eight, Mulsanne, S, Turbo 87 – onwards
  • USA Spec: Spirit, Spur, Corniche, Mulsanne, Eight, Continental
  • USA Spec: Shadow 1/Corniche
  • Plus a range of parts & accessories for exhausts!

Please do not hesitate to get in contact with us for further information on any of our services or you can simply come down and see first hand what we can do for you – we would love to meet you!

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