About Honeybourne Mouldings
Honeybourne Mouldings provides comprehensive car services for well-known modern as well as classic vehicles, including Jaguar E-Type, Triumph Herald & Vitesse, Frogeye, all Mazda models, all MG models, Mazda MX5, MGA, MGB, Midget, Spitfire, TR, Sunbeam Tiger & Alpine. The company manufactures complete hardtops for all cars listed above, including MG and Mazda. Furthermore, we manufacture heavy duty glass fibre Wings, Bonnets, Spoilers, Valances, Boot Lids and Sebring Kits. All that at affordable rates!

Honeybourne Mouldings cater for both industry and individual customers. Moreover, the company designs and produces bespoke panels tailored to your requirements in order to fully fit into your car. All of our panels are done in-house and we offer a complete range of different finishes. All of our work is done in our workshop which ensures the highest quality you would expect from the leading car panel supplier in Warwickshire. We cater for all cars, especially for those made in 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, like Mazda and MG cars.


  • Front Wings
  • Rear Wings
  • Front Valances
  • Rear Valances
  • Front Spoilers
  • Wheel Arches
  • Doors
  • Assembled Hardtops
  • Front Ends

Cars we cater for:

  • Triumph
  • MG
  • Jaguar
  • Sunbeam
  • Mazda
  • Mini
  • Ford

Manufacturer of Fully Assembled Hardtops For Mazda, MG, E-Type, Herald/Vitesse, Frogeye, MXS, MGA, MGB, Midget, MGF, Spitfire, TR, Tiger/Alpine Also Heavy Duty Glassfibre Wings Bonnets, Spoiler, Valances, Boot lids, front/ends and Sebring kits.