Hi-Gear Engineering Limited

We at Hi-Gear Engineering Limited are producing a range of 5 speed gearbox conversions for a variety of classic MG cars including MGTC, MGTD, MGTF, MGA, MGB, and MG Magnette (ZA/ZB). Each of our conversion kits will contain all the parts you will need to adapt a Ford Sierra (type 9) 5 speed gearbox to the MG car and engine. Each of our gearboxes can be supplied in a standard size or it can come in a variety of alternative ratios to suit your individual vehicle and purpose. When you receive your kit, you will find they will require little or no vehicle modification, and can be reversible if need be. Gearboxes can either be supplied by the owner from other local sources or by us.

Our range of kits and parts includes:

  • 5 Speed Conversion Kits
  • MG TB/TC 5 Speed Gearbox Conversion Kit
  • MG TD/TF 5 Speed Gearbox Conversion Kit
  • MGA 5 Speed Gearbox Conversion Kit
  • MGB 5 Speed Gearbox Conversion Kit: 1800 Models
  • MG Magnette ZA/ZB 5 Speed Gearbox Conversion Kit
  • Ford Type 9 Gearboxes

We are very proud to say, we have sold over 9,000 conversions to date!

Please do not hesitate to get in contact with us for further information on any of our services – we would love to hear from you!

Address & Contact

Our Address

82 Chestnut Avenue, Mickleover, Derby, Derbyshire, DE3 9FS