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We at Fuel Cat have been manufacturing pre combustion fuel catalyst since they first established in 1988. Made from an amalgam of specific metals, our products act like a permanent octane booster, a combustion enhancer and combustion chamber carbon deposits cleaner. When installed in your vehicle, the fuel would flow through the FUEL CAT fuel catalyst and a chemical reaction would instantly take place. The shape, temperature and speed of the burn are then transformed, making the combustion more complete and even, contributing to greater engine efficiency.

Our FUEL CAT fuel catalyst are designed to aid the combustion process by ensuring that fuel is highly uniform, potent, consistent and stable. Just one FUEL CAT is all you need to get the best effect! No maintenance would be required and there is no need to change the unit, as it doesn’t dissolve, only alters the fuel.

Please do not hesitate to get in contact with us for further information on any of our services or you can simply come down and see first hand what we can do for you – we would love to meet you! Alternatively you can visit our social media pages to hear about our latest products, news and deals.

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