David Askew’s Maserati Parts Service

Here at ‘David Askew’s Maserati Parts Service’ are suppling an array of new and used Maserati parts. Founder David Askew has a deep passion for Maserati vehicles which dates back to his childhood. This in turn has led him to make monthly trips to Italy, during which he would scour breaker’s yards and various other parts suppliers for cars and parts to bring home to the UK and sell them to a variety of individual buyers, garages and motoring companies. His stockpile, although not large, is steadily increasing in quantity and diversity year by year and is available to the public to buy what they need. He is normally able to fulfill any request that comes his way within 4 weeks, so it is always worth a call to see if he can accommodate your request as he can find what he needs on his next visit to Italy.

He is able to ship parts to anywhere in the UK and across the world.

Most of his stock is for the Biturbo range of cars dating from 1982-1992, although he does carry parts for later Ghibli models and more recent models such as the 3200 and 4200. The cost of sourcing and collecting stock to cover any request that comes in is financially not possible for him, however he is able to source them for you most quickly whether that being a new or used part for a range of models.

The parts he has in stock includes:

  • Interior Parts – Gear knobs, Badges, Clocks, LHD and RHD Dashboard Configurations, Steering Wheels, and Complete Interiors in various materials & colours
  • Exterior Parts – Under-Bonnet Foams, Boot lids, Doors, a variety of Bumpers, Bonnets & Grills for different models, Windows, Lift Mechanisms, and Lights & Light Surrounds for various models (LHD and RHD)
  • Mechanical Parts – Engine Parts, Used Turbos, Exhaust Sections for various models, Radiators, Cooling Fans, Axle Assemblies (complete with suspension if required), Shock Absorbers (including the later ‘adjustables’ and Spyder variants), Brake Cylinders, Calipers, Discs and Pads for all models
  • Plus much more!

Please do not hesitate to get in contact with him for further information on any of his services – he would love to hear from you! Email is preferable, he will always endeavour to reply within 24 hours.

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