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We at Classic & Retro Ltd are a leading automotive works company who are specialising in classic and retro cars from the pre-war era through to the 1990’s. We pride ourselves on our meticulous attention to detail & appreciation of the heritage and history of these motor vehicles, our company has gone from strength to strength and over the years we have forged a brilliant reputation as one of the leading workshops in the East of England. We strive to deliver consistently high levels of workmanship on every project that we take on. Our highly skilled team of mechanics, bodyshop workers, and upholsters treat every project with the love and attention which these cars require.


Classic Car Servicing
Our experts have experience in dealing with all the common faults in most models and marques, enabling them not only to locate and resolve issues quickly and effectively but also to give invaluable advice to owners on where and when to invest in preventive measures to keep their cars running smoothly and on the road.

Classic Car Repairs
We are able to carry out any repairs your classic needs, and we are also available to provide a wide variety of upgrades that you may wish to consider – for example: brake and suspension upgrades or converting your classic to Evans waterless coolants.
Your classic may need some repairs done following an MOT test failure or it may simply have deteriorated whilst in storage or during a period of inactivity – we can help! We have the facilities to transport your car to our workshop, investigate what is needed and recommend a solution.

Classic Car Restoration
Restoration projects allow owners the freedom to create and mould their classic car in the way that they have envisioned. So if you are looking for a bespoke car that oozes charm, character and individuality then a custom restoration could be exactly what you are looking for! We always work with the customer through every aspect of the restoration to ensure that the heritage and character of your car is preserved, right down to the finest detail.

We also provide:

Classic Race Car Servicing & Restoration
Evans Waterless Coolants
Magnum Car Panels

Please do not hesitate to get in contact with us for further information on any of our services or you can simply come down and see first hand what we can do for you – we would love to meet you! Alternatively you can visit our social media pages to hear about our latest projects, news and deals.

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