Carcoon Storage Systems Int. Ltd

We at Carcoon are the official manufacturers and distributors of the carcoon bikebubble and workstation product ranges. We first established in 1990’s and since then we have become the clear market leader in car storage systems in the UK and across the world! The concept for these systems are simple – to be protective, mini-storage environments & made for infrequently used vehicles. They were designed with these main points in mind:

  • Isolate – to protect against the constantly changing temperature and humidity of the ambient environment.
  • Stabilise – to remove excess moisture, fuel/oil vapour and other contaminates from within the mini enclosure.
  • Ventilate – to use the patented Active Airflow Concept.
  • Circulate – to circulate the air isolated within the environment, by using Activated Carbon Filters under pressure.
  • Protection – to protect all types of cars within.

Our full range of products includes:

  • Carcoon Airflow Systems – Indoor EVO Carcoon, Indoor Carcoon Coded, Indoor Veloce Carcoon, and Outdoor Carcoon
  • Carcoon Bikebubble
  • Carcoon Workstation – Free Standing Workstation, and Modular Workstation
  • Service Items – Parts for Carcoon Systems

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