What we are

Our company provide products to keep your car happy. We are ready for any cars, and can help you with such diverse cars such as Jaguars! Our product ensures that your brakes no longer rust and will be ready to use whenever you go out!

What we Can Guarantee

We guarantee that when your car is needed there are no more problems with your brakes. Our Automec’s Silicone Brake Fluid stops moisture from hitting the brakes so they no longer rust and are always in perfect working condition.

Managing World Wide

Many people would always risk ordering parts for their precious cars from the other side of the world. However we ensure you that you can trust us and that ordering from us, weather your living in America or Russia, we will get them to you quickly and efficiently.

Profile: Ready-made brake pipe sets – Dot5 silicone brake fluid * Automec manufacture and distribute a comprehensive range of automotive brake equipment. We supply other associated products which include, copper coils, copper nickel coils, brass unions, pipe connectors, silicone clutch fluid, fuel feed kits and ABA hoseclips. Also specialising in brake pipes, brake pipe sets and silicone brake fluid. * Ready-made brake pipe sets – Dot5 silicone brake fluid

Address & Contact

Our Address

36 Ballmoor, Buckingham, Buckinghamshire. MK18 1RQ