Adams Gas

We at Adams Gas are specialist suppliers of bottled gases. We sell everything from Calor gas, Propane, Butane, patio gas, BBQ gas, helium for balloons, beer and cellar gas, to argon TIG gas, MIG gas, welding gases as well as nitrogen gas bottles and nitrogen cylinders. We sell our stock throughout the UK via our large stockist network. We also offer a local delivery service within Kent, East Sussex and South London.

So if you are a Hobby and Trade welder, with our complete range of rent free welding gas cylinders – we are the perfect company for you! We can supply Oxygen, Argon for TIG welding, and Nitrogen, Helium and 5% or 20% CO2 / Argon Mix for MIG welding – these are available in 4 different sizes too: 2L, 9L, 20L and 50L. As you can see there is plenty of choice!

We have a customer-orientated approach to business, we always aim to provide our clients with a professional and friendly service that is personal to them – it is part of our corporate values. Our customer service and professionalism throughout our work is unrivaled. Our past industrial experience within the industry has helped us develop our company as a whole, and the exemplary services here justify why we are highly regarded in the UK and beyond for being quality helium gas suppliers.

Our stock is dedicated to some of the most popular branded products on the market such as our nitrogen gas bottles, nitrogen cylinders, Calor gas, Propane, Butane, Patio gas and BBQ gas and we are pleased to say that due to many requests, we are now willing to expand our product range to the customers needs and wants. We at Adams Gas, aren’t happy until you are! We will go the extra mile to make sure you are completely satisfied with our services and products.

If you are local to us then we are pleased to tell you that we offer delivery of nitrogen gas bottles and nitrogen cylinders to local customers at very affordable prices! But the good news doesn’t end there – we also offer gas bottle refills on a contractual basis involving collection, filling and re-delivering customer-owned cylinders. Our reliability and punctuality when delivering our items validates our fantastic reputation as helium gas suppliers you can trust!

We take safety VERY importantly here at Adams Gas. We do many safety checks where we critically assess all of our products. All of our bottles and cylinders are regularly tested and maintained to meet and exceed the regular industrial standards. We also offer safety and storage advice to every gas user in the UK.

Please do not hesitate to get in contact with us for more information on any of our products or services – we are here to help in any way possible! Or you can visit our social media page to hear about our latest products, news and deals.