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We at Adams Gas are the original suppliers of rent free gas bottles and cylinders in the UK, we are proud to offer both hobby and trade welders with a selection of high quality MIG welding and TIG welding gas.

No matter what you need your welding gas for, we can supply you with a good quality, range of different sized cylinders at affordable prices
50L industrial welding gas cylinders are specially designed for customers who can go through one 50L cylinder every 3 months.
20L trade welding gas cylinders are ideal for businesses that can go through one 20L trade gas cylinder per 6 months.
9L hobby welding gas cylinders Sometimes, as a hobby welder, you may only need a small sized cylinder for your odds and ends. The best part is that, thanks to their dynamic structure there’re no constraints for usage on the cylinder, allowing you to use your 9L welding gas cylinder for almost every purpose.
2L porta welding gas cylinders. Easy to carry and easy to store, these neat portable cylinders offer a suitable alternative for schools, colleges, air conditioning engineers and small site workers alike!
Our specialised MIG welding gas includes a mix of 5% or 20% CO2/ Argon while Argon is also used in our TIG welding gas cylinders.

Our range of welding gas cylinders can also include
Patio Gas
Helium for balloons
Beer and cellar gas
Being the best UK gas supplier, we are very proud to supply such a vast range welding gas, including both MIG welding gas and TIG welding gas at great, affordable prices.

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