The Company

Our Company has built a high reputation through our customers and through our high quality work and the staff that are behind it. WE care and respevt the cars that we get in and make sure that any car we have is not too big or too small and we will make sure that you as the customer get excellant service.


We are committed to a standard of work that we feel these prestigious marques deserve. We take pride in what we do and show others that our work is useful and efefctive.


Many of the modern models require up to date diagnostic equipment to perform the simplest of servicing tasks. At NRT we are committed to the continual upgrade of our equipment to meet the exacting specifications set down by the manufacturers. The equipment that we hold is of equal, if not higher specification than that held by main dealers, reflecting our dedication to quality.

Genuine Parts

NRT motors always recommend the use of genuine parts for all of our servicing and repair work. We always work with our customers to ensure that they get value for money, while ensuring that their vehicles are maintained to the highest possible standards.

NRT Motors staff have performed full or partial hand rebuilding of many classic and modern power plants. This has involved the sourcing or in house fabrication of difficult to find or unobtainable parts.

Address & Contact

Our Address

Corse Lawn Garage, Corse Lawn, Gloucestershire. GL19 4PE