Lincon Batteries was established in 1908 and is a famliy run business.

We have supplied lead-acid batteries for over 60 years in the Southend-on-Sea and are currently manufacturing a large variety of the latest cold-start performance polypropylene batteries for modern vehicles and applications.

For classic vehicles a wide range of batteries are produced these include hard rubber cased batteries with variable terminal, layout and plate options matching the original specifications.

Classical batteries are convenient for export due to the the batteries being dry charged.
An acid pack is provided for instant charging and performance, and this can be despatched anywhere in the UK.

For further information or any queries dont hesitate to contact us on 01702 525374 or 01702 528711

Manufactured in our own factory: hard rubber “” Classic”” Style batteries 6 volt/12 volt from stock and specials made to order. Sizes range from 57 to 230 ampere hours in over 50 different specifications. Replate service available. Batteries sent by mail order or call and collect. We’ve over 70 years experience in the business.”

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Our Address

Faraday Road, Leigh-on-Sea, Essex. SS9 5JU